Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 6 Embedding Console System

The Tissue-Tek TEC 6 Embedding Console System offers reliability, comfort, and ease-of-use that users have come to know and expect from the Tissue-Tek TEC-series.

Designed to be the ideal conventional tissue embedder for laboratories of any size, the robust and ergonomic modular system offers you:

Convenience in conventional embedding
  • Colour touchscreen with easy-to-navigate onscreen controls allows easy setup and operation.
  • Graphical user interface enables users to set and display temperatures in all heated and cooled areas with just a touch.
  • Multiple levels of brightness for the LED work light can be adjusted directly from the main screen.
  • Automatic ready and shutdown times for both the Embedding and Cryo Modules are user-programmable by day of the week and even across overnight shifts.
  • Modules can be arranged either left-to-right or right-to-left based on user preference and comfort.
  • The large, nylon surface of the Cryo Module has raised edges to contain moisture and provides ample space for up to 60 embedded blocks.

Safe and reliable embedding with ease
  • Anti-glare, coated work surfaces reduce eye strain and provide better visual identification of tissues.
  • Adjustable LED lighting improves specimen visibility while eliminating workplace clutter from external lighting or lamps.
  • The software-driven Clean Mode provides an easy method for cleaning the forceps wells, reducing opportunities for cross contamination of tissue blocks.
  • The optional Tissue-Tek® TEC™ 6 Magnifying Lens allows users to keep a close eye on even the smallest biopsies to ensure proper orientation.

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