Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus & Tissue-Tek Film®

The Tissue-Tek Prisma®
Plus & Tissue-Tek Film® integrated system is the gold standard in staining and film coverslipping. This reliable and flexible workhorse is the ultimate timesaver for your laboratory.

This guaranties true walk away capability and continuous confidence in performance and quality due to its unsurpassed system up-time

The flexibility of standard and special staining in a single system, with the use of proven film coverslipping technology makes this a cost efficient method.

Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Film offer you:
  • Ultimate time saving
  • Supreme flexibility
  • Superior reliability

Ultimate time saving
Virtually every histopathology lab is pushed on turnaround times and faces increasing workload, often with reduced staff and with equal or less financial resources. The integrated Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus and Tissue-Tek Film is the ultimate time saver, freeing your staff for other important tasks.

Supreme flexibility
Customers have greatly appreciated the convenience delivered by the integrated Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus and Film Coverslipper. This is due to the flexibility of having a single platform to easily perform a H&E and special stains reducing hands on time, maintenance time and service costs.

Superior reliability
The Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus and Tissue-Tek Film coverslipper have been designed, engineered and built to provide the laboratory with an integrated stainer coverslipper having a pedigree of dependability and reliability. This ensures a smooth workflow through continuous loading and high quality staining slide after slide.

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