Tissue-Tek AutoSection® Automated Microtome

Microtomy at the touch of a button
Building on the success and principles of SMART Automation, Sakura Finetek introduces the next steps in Total Laboratory Automation, Tissue-Tek AutoSection®. The cutting edge technology addresses today's challenges of quality, efficiency and speed. Quality & patient safety Precision sectioning and consistent high quality, is now achievable for every technician, every single block and tissue type. The Tissue-Tek AutoSection automatically aligns, trims and sections your blocks, including Tissue-Tek Paraform. The combination of cutting edge technology and razor sharp Accu-Edge® Microtome Blades enables thin, consistent high quality sections. AutoAlign™ technology will precisely orient blocks and dramatically reduce the risk of losing tissue. Another major benefit of automation and stress free microtomy is the reduction of repetitive motion and the increase of staff satisfaction.

Efficiency & speed
Work in a single-piece-flow and increase productivity, by only one touch of a button and scan of a cassette. With AutoTrim™, the core technology of Tissue-Tek Autosection, blocks are ready for sectioning within seconds, saving valuable production time, in particular with recuts.

Tissue-Tek AutoSection offers you:
  • Precise and consistent high-quality sectioning for every technician and tissue type
  • Preserves precious tissue of re-cuts due to automated block alignment
  • Improved efficiency and speed, due to easy and automated microtomy
  • Decreased repetitive strain disorders for users

If you are interested in a product, price, availability, as well as any other information you are interested in, you can find out by writing to the email info@elore-trade.eu