Deliver Excellence In Style
VINNO G55 combines high-class performance with compact size to meet all your clinical needs by its unmatched image quality and durability.

Advanced Technologies
RF-Platform empowers the system to operate 40 times signal process capability in the back end resulting in powerful post processing probability. With wider frequency range based on RF-Platform, the system deliver excellent image quality in different clinical application.
Pure Wave ProbeTechnology delivers better penetration to difficult person.
Xcen Probe Technology represents good performance on superficial tissue imaging.

Amazing Simple Workflow
With tablet-like touch interface, you can navigate to system functions quickly with less distance movement and fewer steps to complete an exam. VINNO G55 is very flexible to customize the workflow by your finger.

Scaled To Different Applications
Contrast Bubble Imaging、Needle Enhancement、Stress Echo、TDI、Freeview、 Auto Follicle

Easy Connectivity
FLYINSONO is an instant and time sharing platform for remote diagnosis. Doctors in distance can communicate experience or give lecture by text, voice, image on line or off line through FLYINSONO platform.

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