Ultrasound color Doppler system VINNO E30 – professional help in diagnosis in making clinical decisions.

The modern, powerful ultrasonic Vinno E30 has an excellent price-performance ratio and provides exceptional diagnostic performance due to:
Stunning image quality
Universal features and functions
Intuitive and fast workflow

Innovative RF platform (first in the world)

  • The revolutionary RF platform does not need rough preliminary processing and demodulation, unlike the traditional ultrasonic platform.
  • The ultrasound scanner has a radio frequency signal for calculations and processing, which allows you to obtain up to 10 times more data compared to conventional ultrasound. The advantage of this feature is the preservation of a large amount of information and the receipt of not processed accurate data for post-processing.
  • This results in a much higher image quality in resolution and contrast. This platform also has a higher frequency range, which can support sensors from 1 to 25MHz.
  • The intuitive interface makes the work simple and enjoyable.

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