Atlas N7

Trolley-mounted anesthesia unit

  • 15.6 "TFT touchscreen display, integrated patient monitor design.
  • User-friendly design interface, easy to operate.
  • Engineered design, rotating support arm and adjustable tilt angle.
  • Product dimensions: 1490 x 900 x 660 mm
  • Fully electronic control and electronic flow meter, precision control and accurate data monitoring.
  • Air ventilation modes to meet the needs of newborns, marines and adult patients.
  • Integrated breathing circuit with built-in heater.
  • Dual touch screen, convenient and easy to operate layout.
  • Fully electronic for flow meters (unique design), functional test: including system leakage and compliance, calculation, automatic switching if deficiency 02 / N20 / Air: 02 * - * Air, N20-02
  • Fully electronic fresh gas flow control (Unique design), gas flow is measured by a preset sensor.
  • Electronic and mechanical flush 02.

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