Atlas N5

Anesthesia and respiratory apparatus

In hospitals, anesthesia and breathing machines are often used. These are devices that provide general anesthesia with dosed mixtures of gaseous and liquid anesthetics in combination with mechanical ventilation. In parallel, the patient's vital signs are monitored. The equipment supplies the lungs with a gas mixture of a given temperature, humidity, composition.

One of the devices in demand in medical institutions is the Atlas N5 anesthesia breathing apparatus with a tidal volume of 10 to 1500 ml.

This device is equipped with all modern technology. It has:
  • touchscreen display measuring 12.1 inches;
  • clear and user-friendly interface;
  • 8 ventilation modes (VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC and others);
  • built-in humidifier and gas mixture heater;
  • emergency gas valve;
  • LED backlight;
  • multilevel alarm system.

The equipment design is very well thought out. It is modular, mobile, has metal fittings for connecting a breathing circuit, side rails for fixing the monitor. The dimensions are 1460x900x710 mm. The surface of the device can be disinfected by any means.

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