Our focus is on you – helping you get the highest uptime possible and ensuring your solution can be utilized to its full capabilities. Comprehensive service and support provide you with confidence that your equipment or system will be available when you need it to keep patient treatments on schedule. Robust learning programs and training resources enable you to push the boundaries of your clinical capabilities, ensuring clinical excellence every day. Our ongoing partnership is an integral part of your investment, helping you maximize your system’s lifetime value.

Designed to help you provide the best care possible for your patients, our service that supports you from installation throughout the lifetime of your solution.

We take care of everything

Increased workload, cost pressure and an overall demand for shorter turnaround times are examples of the issues medical centres, labs tackle each day. We understand these needs and can offer you the best solutions. We not only supply you with high-quality instruments and consumables, we also give you excellent services that meet your needs. We offer added value, innovative solutions and best-in-class customer care to enhance your hospital efficiency and help you to cope with the high demands in health care.